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REDR launches again the course 'A new rural scenario: SDGs, 2030 Agenda and LEADER', after the success of the first edition

18/01/2021 Área: LEADER Fuente: REDR

  • Do not miss the opportunity to become a "SDGs-Rural Agent" through this free online training with a Spanish and English version.
  • The first edition had 1.440 participants of more than 20 nationalities (300 in its English version).
  • To register for the course "A new rural scenario: SDGs, 2030 Agenda and LEADER" click here:
  • The course has been validated by United Nations and therefore students who have successfully passed all the modules will have access to a certificate issued by REDR together with the United Nations (United Nations Institute for Training and Research, UNITAR) totally free.
  • Download here the practical information (ENG) on the II edition of the course 'A new rural scenario: SDGs, 2030 Agenda and LEADER' by REDR.

Due to the success obtained in the first edition of the course "A new rural scenario: SDGs, 2030 Agenda and LEADER" launched in November 2020 and to the multiple requests for its reissue, from REDR we have decided to reopen the doors of this course so that more people have the opportunity to train on the SDGs.

With a 5-weeks duration, it will begin on January 25th and will end on March 1st. During the course, a total of 5 modules will be seen through explanatory videos and informative documents:

  • Module 0. LEADER-SDGs approach for rural development

This module will help you familiarize with the methodology and the platform. Likewise, you will be able to make contact with the rest of the students who will be part of the course in the presentation forum.

  • Module 1. Origin of the SDGs and their role today

When was the 2030 Agenda born? In what context does its origin take place? What role does the rural areas have in its achievement?

  • Module 2. LEADER Methodology

What is the LEADER methodology and when was it born? How is this participatory local development approach related to the 2030 Agenda?

  • Module 3. Agents of change

Who can work for the achievement of the SDGs and the landing of sustainability in the rural territories? Is there a group that should lead the change from civil society? What entities can play a key role in sustainable rural development?

  • Module 4. Implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

What can we do to transfer the SDGs and their targets to the territories in an effective and lasting way? Is there a method that helps me mainstream the SDGs in my strategies?

  • Module 5. Evaluation

How can we know if our efforts to achieve the 2030 Agenda are having the expected effects? How to measure the impact that our actions are having on the environment and the population?

Throughout the course we will try to answer these and more questions.

At REDR we defend that the work for the achievement of the 2030 Agenda must be carried out in partnerships through a collaborative network of innovative efforts and ideas: the role of local public administrations, companies and organizations and civil society is essential on the path to sustainability.

Therefore, if you are part of a city council, a company, an organization or you are part of the civil society and you are aware of the urgence for a change... this is your course!

This training is a very exciting initiative with which we want to reach all types of people and organizations, offering simple tools and indicators that will allow the adoption of the 2030 Agenda by everyone anywhere on the planet.

With 1.440 people enrolled in the first edition, this training has enabled the creation of an extensive network of people aware of sustainable rural development, prepared to act and to design new strategies. More than 1.200 people took part in the Spanish course and almost 300 in the English one. Currently, they continue to maintain contact thanks to the groups created on Facebook and LinkedIn, where they can visualize new areas of action and channel ideas and proposals.

More than 30 nationalities have taken part in this course in total, coming mainly from Europe, Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia. This has greatly expanded the scope of the message that REDR aimed to share: the impossibility of reaching the 2030 scenario if we do not work directly with the rural environment and the LEADER methodology. From REDR we want to continue nurturing this scenario of SDGs-Rural Agents and that is why we have decided to continue the course.

Do you want to become an agent of change in rural areas?

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