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REDR launches the course "A new rural scenario: SDGs, 2030 Agenda and LEADER" for the achievement of sustainable development in rural areas (certified by United Nations)

18/10/2020 Área: Noticias sobre la REDR Fuente: REDR

  • With the aim of landing the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs in rural areas, REDR has designed a course which will offer the theoretical bases of sustainability and will give access to a series of innovative recommendations and indicators that will allow all types of rural entities and civil society to become agents of change towards the 2030 Agenda.
  • Do not miss this opportunity to become an "SDGs-Rural Agent" with this free online training.
  • To register for the course "A new rural scenario: SDGs, 2030 Agenda and LEADER" click here:

The Spanish Network for Rural Development (REDR) presents its new online course, which seeks to reach the entire population of rural territories, from public administrations, companies, organizations and civil society. The course will answer the following questions: How are the SDGs implemented? How are they measured? and finally, How are they evaluated?

With the title, "A new rural scenario: SDGs, 2030 Agenda and LEADER", REDR seeks to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs in rural areas by training agents of change who will work at all levels. It is a 5-week course that will consist of a more theoretical first part, where the foundations and origin of the SDGs and the LEADER methodology will be analyzed, to move on to a more practical part, where we will discover how can entities  contribute to sustainability and how they can measure those efforts. For that purpose, the course offers a wide variety of written and video resources, both theoretical content and practical experiences that help us to visualize the path to sustainability.

The course, which will begin on Monday, 26 October, consists of the following modules:

  • Module 0. LEADER-SDGs approach for rural development.
  • Module 1. Origin of the SDGs and their role today.
  • Module 2. LEADER Methodology.
  • Module 3. Agents of change.
  • Module 4. Implementation of 2030 Agenda for sustainable development.
  • Module 5. Evaluation

This is an online training that offers an issue of current interest in an amusing and entertaining way, combining theory with practice and displaying practical examples of people or entities that have already developed actions related to the SDGs.

United Nations has validated the course, so after successfully passing all the modules, students will have access to a certificate issued by REDR together with the United Nations (United Nations Institute for Training and Research, UNITAR) that will be completely free. The MOOC has been translated into English for all those people within Europe and elsewhere who decide to be agents of sustainable development.

It is time to tackle the problem of depopulation and the challenges that rural areas have been traditionally facing. It is necessary to work to ensure bridges between cities and rural areas with a horizontal approach and dialogue. Rural areas have a lot to offer concerning sustainable development and they can guide our way to the 2030 scenario.

In REDR we defend that this work should be done through partnership and collaborative networks with innovative efforts and ideas. The objective is to make the population aware that there is no 2030 Agenda without rural areas.

To register for the course "A new rural scenario: SDGs, 2030 Agenda and LEADER" click here:

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